From the beautiful central coast of California, Black Match consists of singer- songwriter duo of Hannah and Ian. They have been friends since childhood and grew up playing music together.

Ian comes from a rich history of musicians in the family that go as far back as his great grandfather while Hannah uses music as therapy to more clearly process the world around her. Their name and musical style reflect the coastal and woodsy landscape they have grown up in and they have aimed to create music that draws us into contemplation and wonder through honest and raw songwriting.


-Most likely to be watching a Korean horror film

-Might be confused for Adam Levine

-Will probably bring up “East of Eden” in a casual conversation

-Might tag you in some okay memes

-When he isn’t writing music, you might find him watching YouTube videos about beard trimming



-Most likely to send you a link for a free couch on craiglist

-Might be found watching Hallmark movies

-Will probably reference a quote from “Emperor’s New Groove,” within the first five minutes of conversation

-When she isn’t writing sad songs, you might find her watching kitten videos

-Most likely to start speaking in an Australian accent